Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming in 2009

It's a New Year with a new bunch of circumstances. I and many other people will be taking some time to think about the New Year Resolutions we all make and hope to achieve. One for me is real obvious, "Beat breast-cancer." Another thought/resolution is to stay positive and believe I can get through this. . .

I made it through the MRI yesterday. Having had a Meningioma, I've had a few of these in the past 15 months and I just don't remember them being so LOUD. A breast MRI is different from the type I've been through. On this MRI, a woman actually lays face down with her breasts dangling through two open areas especially designed for this. I also didn't feel boxed in, it was just tough to lay there still with my arms above my head for a half hour.

Now it's the WAIT. . .It will probably be a week before there's any word on the results. I'm beginning to see how "the wait" is going to be a constant in my life for a while. Wait for tests, wait for results, wait till the next appointment.

I decided I was going to need something to entertain myself while I was waiting so I picked up a book called "Broken Open" by Elizabeth Lesser. I admit, the title caught my eye. I definitely needed something that would inspire me. I'll let you know as I read through it.

I wish everyone a Healing, Healthy and Happy New Year! God Bless all of us!

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  1. hello my friend--glad your MRI went ok. My shoulders ached through that--and I remember sweating so badly all over my pillow for some reason. You will be having MRI's on your breasts from now on I am sure--after surgery--etc. They did do BOTH breasts right? My surgeon and my onco have differing opinions on MRI's after implants--onco says don't bother, can't see anything because of the implnat, while my surgeon says oh, yes you can. Anyway...that's way down the road for you. I am so hoping you can just have the lumpectomy--but that will mean radiation too--so either one is sort of a pain in the "boob" that is for sure! : ) Your spirits sound very very good--be confident my sister--and keep writing. I look forward to reading your blog!