Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yet Another Visit To The Doctor Today

I woke up this morning and my lymph node area was beginning to swell again. It also looked a bit red and I really could not tell if this was the red color I was suppose to tell the Doctor about or not. So, this afternoon I saw Dr. Nate again. When he looked at the area, he suggested a drainage tube for the next couple of days. While a bit uncomfortable in the beginning of the procedure, the relief it's brought from the build up made the discomfort worth it. Hopefully by Friday it'll be out. He did not think there was an infection but put me on an antibiotic for safe measure.

I also have a surgery date. I was lucky enough to get February 4th at 8:00a.m. This will save me from six weeks of waiting that I thought I would have to endure. I'm thankful! Remind me of that next week when my anxiety level rises because the surgery day is close. How does one get use to the idea of what is going to happen to them? I intellectually understand, emotionally it's a lot to take in.

Well that's all the news I have today. Molly, I'm hoping you were able to see your doctor today and Karen, I'm praying for good results for you tomorrow.

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  1. Dear Cindi,
    I'm an 18-yr survivor of lymphoma who's been through a lot of treatments and waiting. Three measures that have helped me while waiting to begin treatment or have a procedure:
    (1) I take comfort in knowing that thousands of ordinary people have already been through the same treatment and are now doing fine.
    (2) I find safe havens (such as talking with friends and/or an oncology social worker) where I can express whatever I am feeling. When I was forced to close my medical practice, I cried in the company of these safe havens. The loss was permanent, but the grief was temporary and healing. I moved on.
    (3) I try to take advantage of the wait by getting ready. I try to eat well, sleep well, and get doctor-supervised exercise (whatever little I can do). I put meals in freezer.

    Many times, I set a goal of something I'll do after the recovery, such as a lunch date with a girlfriend. This way far-forward goal gives me hope.

    With hope for your smooth recovery, Wendy