Friday, January 16, 2009

Tired, Sore and On the Waiting Train. . .

Yesterday I went for my second surgery to remove more tissue and have my Sentinel lymph node biopsy. The lymph node came back OK at this point and will be sent for further testing. Now I will wait to hear about it and whether the doctor was able to get clear margins. (The waiting train. . .)

My first surgery seemed like a piece of cake. I felt pretty good when I came home and besides being tender, I was doing very well the next day. This second surgery has me a bit more tired and sore. Maybe it's because I had surgery a month ago and this time my lymph node was involved too. My pain killers seem to be making me sick this time. So I'm sitting around being lazy. Probably a good thing seeing as the temps are soooooo coooold outside!

When I heard I had to have a nuclear injection prior to surgery, I went on-line to see what to expect. I ran across a forum where many of the women said the injection was extremely painful. So I was somewhat terrified when I met the doctor yesterday morning to receive this procedure. He talked me through it and I'm hear to say that the injections were not that bad other than a slight stinging while the dye went in. As the nurse explained it, if you've ever had a TB test, it's done something like that.

Another piece of good news I received this morning was that my tests on my uterian tissue came back clear. In the midst of finding my tumor in Novemeber, it was discovered that I had an enlarged uterus and a slight thickening. So I had to have some more testing. Now I can focus on the task at hand.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern.


  1. Good to hear from you. My sentinel node incision continues to be my most bothersome scar to this day so I am not surprised you are in a bit more pain and are tired. I so have a good feeling about clear margins for you but also remember the day I found out I didn't get them. I think I titled my blog "Frick" that day--only because I don't swear very often!

    Many women I talked to talked about the dye injection being painful--mine was not either. The radiologist was fantastic though and they held my hand. I think I have gotten some "loopy" medicince prior so it was no big deal.

    I had my surgery on a Friday and my doctor called me on a Monday. Perhaps you won't have to wait as long as you think.

    Keep me posted.


  2. Wow, clear margins,It has not been that long since I was told my doctor he did not get clear margins. Now that is is done and over, I wonder why there is not some way for the doctors to be able to know if they did or did not get clear margins. Then, if not, just remove more. The injection was not bad at all, the nurse got me all worked up explaining what the radiologist would be doing but it was not painful for me. Anyways, my prayers are for you to tonight...... I hope you get good results!!!

  3. Hey you, keeping a positive attitude, and your prayerful spirit is always the way to go, and I am trying with everything within my heart to do just that too. All will work out, and when you take the next step I will be right here with you. Don't forget where you came from, where your at now, and where you are heading. Clear margins are what we are praying for even as I write this note to you. SHMILY, six words that have come to mean so much to us. I will always love you.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I am following in your footsteps this Fri. with my second surgery and sentinel node biopsy. I pray we both get clean margins and good results!