Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Took The Day Off. . .

I got up this morning, tired from not sleeping well and decided to take the day off. (I feel like a real wuss for doing this. I mean other people seem to be able to work after receiving this sort of news. What's the matter with me? I feel like I'm being a BIG baby about all this!)

My hope is to get some rest and to get some answers to all the questions that popped into my head over night. I started to wonder how long will it take to recover? Will I go home the same day of surgery? What can I expect with this reconstruction? What type of reconstruction should I have? Saline of Silicone? How much is this going to hurt? I suppose until I see my plastic surgeon, I will not know but I'm hoping to have the time to read up on what others have experienced to have some sort of idea. Then maybe I'll be able to go to work and concentrate on the things I'm suppose to be doing for my communities. I just don't think I'm up to a long day that has two board meetings and probably would not end until 8:00p.m. tonight.

Good news, I just received a call from my surgeon's office and I will be able to meet with the plastic surgeon tomorrow afternoon at 3:30p.m. Now I am thankful that I took the day off to read and get my thoughts together. I will be prepared tomorrow.

Thank you everyone that has given me encouragement and support. I appreciate your words, thoughts and prayers. And yes, my lymph node biopsy did come back negative. That was very good news!

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  1. Honey, your day off was far from a day off, at least from the work you were doing on research. I think you did a fine job. Many questions were answered today with your doctor visit, and I know your going to make the right decision as to how to proceed. I am proud of you on how your handling this.
    SHMILY, Bob