Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving Through The Situation Of Telling Others

Something I've struggled with since my diagnosis on Monday Dec. 29, 2008 was who to share this news with and when to do it. New Year's Eve was only a couple of days away and I found myself questioning if I wanted to drop this bomb on my family.

One thing I know for sure, each person who goes through this will know when the right time is for them. My daughters were the hardest for me to tell. I waited until New Years morning to speak with them. My mind raced with how I could let them know easily, how I could protect them from this news and how could I be strong so they wouldn't worry. Nice in concept but hard in reality. I believe they took it as well as could be expected. It took them a couple of hours for it to sink in, and then each one spoke with me and asked their individual questions.

I'm learning that having a support system is very important. Knowing who I can talk to about this helps. I'm thankful for my husband, family and new friend Molly. Each has helped me in their own special way. I'm at a loss for words and wish I had more wisdom to share. Until next post. . .


  1. Cyndi - I found your blog because I faithfully read Miss Molly's blog. I know what you are going through, sort of. I too was diagnosed with BC back on 12/26/08. I do not have ACC, my cancer was in-sitiu ductal, estrogen positive, HER2 negative. I ended up having a mastectomy, followed by chemo, followed by breast reconstruction. Miss Molly was my angel who provided much information through my cancer journey.

    Stay strong, I will include you in my prayers. I had to deal with cancer for all of 2008. I hope to put it out of my mind in 2009. I am at a point where I do not have to see the Oncologist until June.

    I too have a blog, and I found it very therapeutic. I also felt God's presence through every procedure. I have experienced the peace that passes all understanding. I know you are scared, but stay positive and turn to Christ. He will carry you.

  2. Hey Hon, you said to me this morning you wish you could "get back in the saddle" and know how to get through this ordeal.
    I think your making so much progress in that area, found out about this one week ago today. Your doing it sweetie, this is going to take a little time, and you will make it. You have so many prayers going up to our faithful God. In reading Debbie's comment above, your not alone by any means.
    This is a bump in the road, and you will know how to move around it, or how to go over it, just like riding the motor cycle, you will make it, just give it a few more days ok...LOL. My impatience will make up for yours too, let me do most of the worrying, you know I am good at that.
    Remember I am always thinking of you, even at work. God tells us to pray without ceasing, I know now how He meant for us to take that statement. Your in my heart of prayers, along with these wonderful helping people on this site.
    God has His purpose for you, and He is not done with you yet, not by a long shot.
    I love you, God loves you, and you will make it!
    SHMILY? Of course you do..better at least.

  3. PS, I have not clue how to sign in using a user name and url request, so I am anonymous, lol, Bob