Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dealing With Small Complications. . .

As I've mentioned in a few of my last posts, I've had trouble with fluid build up near my lymph node biopsy. On Tuesday, my doctor inserted a drain tube with the hopes of removing it by this past Friday. Unfortunately, I was still putting out about 75ccs from this area in a 24 hour period.

Another development I noticed Friday morning is a slight redness on my breast. The doctor was not quite sure if this was the start of infection or from the fluid that was building up in the area of where more breast tissue had been removed or what. A needle was inserted to remove some of the fluid for culturing. Due to the discomfort I started to feel, the doctor stopped. I'm on two antibiotics. Doctor is hoping to knock whatever might be there out. On Monday, I will see him again to see how the breast looks and hopefully remove my drain tube. I'm hoping this does not get any worse. Wednesday I'm suppose to have surgery and will not be able to if I have an infection. Yikes!

Despite all this going on, I have been working. I'm trying to get my portfolio in order for my backup manager before the surgery day.

I believe that the surgery centers and/or doctors should give more insight into Seroma so that anyone who starts to experience this has a better understanding of what is going on and what to do.

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