Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Closer One Surgery At A Time . . .

I just arrived home after a visit to the Plastic Surgeon's office. I received my last expansion fill and will now wait about four weeks (at least) before I have the surgery to remove the tissue expander and put in the implant.

More decisions?????? I was given pamphlets on "silicone" and "saline" to look over and try to decide which one will work best for me. I also need to decide whether I will have a "nipple" put on as part of my reconstruction. If not, then I have this last surgery before me. If I do, then I'll have one more surgery after the implant to reduce my natural breast and use some of that tissue to make my new nipple on my reconstruction breast. Yikes!

If you're reading my posts and have been through this process, I'd love to hear what decisions you made and how you decided. (I'm not thrilled with the idea of two more surgeries.) Please share your insights.



  1. Hi Cyndi--Wow, this for me, has gone fast for you! It seems like it took me forever to get my implant. I love the silicone for me. But anything was better than the expander. As for the nipple and areola--I am glad I did it--it was quite minor compared to everything--and it seems like it just completed the whole process and all--but I am not sure it is needed. HOWEVER, I would say do it as I don't think you will regret doing it, but might regret not doing it.

    We've been busy with school. Prom was last night and after 23 years of them for me, I was pretty bored. Seemed liked Andrew was too. But he says he had a good time and all the kids looked lovely.

    Take care!


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  3. Hi Cyndi! Just checking in. Wondering how recon is going. Any other tests? I hope you are just busy living life! Check in when you can.