Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Winnie Post

It's Saturday evening and I just finished some Lasagna that my neighbor across the street brought over. I've been blessed that the last couple of days, one of my neighbor's has been kind enough to cook a meal for Bob and I and bring it over.

I'm miserable. I stopped taking my percocet because I was getting such headaches. I find it odd that a pain killer would give me pain but I can say that since I stopped taking it, I don't have a headache. Now I just ache. I can't get in a comfortable position. My right side chest and arm pit feel like someone beat it up. When I move certain ways, it feels like something is moving in my chest and the whole area fells hard! At this point, I don't know if this breast construction thing is worth the discomfort.

I'm sorry this post is a "Winnie" post. I'm just trying to work through all of it. I hope that tomorrow, I can write something more positive or tell you that some of the discomfort has dissipated.

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  1. Oh, darling, I so remember. I wish I could really, really convince you that it will get better, and it will, but it is going to take time. I read over my post-mastectomy days and I too wanted at times to rip out the expander. Do you know if it had any saline it it? Don't let them expand it until the pain is gone.

    I couldn't take percocet or vicoden--both made me itch like crazy and the headaches too. Tylenol 3's were the worst for headaches for me. I would ask about a muscle relaxer (remember, that expander is under the muscle) And maybe some type of ibuprofen.

    Did they do any reconstruction on the left side? How is that feeling? Again, it is that pesky expander that causes most of the pain.

    Hang in there. Just think that you are cancer free and on your way to perky boobs.