Thursday, February 5, 2009

Falling Asleep in Front of The Computer

I know I'm home because I'm falling asleep in front of my computer trying to write this post. I guess that's what can happen after all this surgery stuff. My update is that I had the mastectomy and then the expander was put in place. WOW, when I was brought down from recovery, I was hurting so bad I could barely take a breath of fresh air. The nurse said it was from my expander. So after about an hour, the pain was under control and I could breath easier. While I'd like to elaborate more, I'm just too tired to write. So I'll let Bob do the next paragraphs.

What a day at the hospital. I agree with Cyndi's statement although her one hour is a little off. Her pain was not under total control for almost three hours. She and I are not complaining about this time as her nurse was aware of the amount of pain and had our Doctor on this and finally came to the conclusion to administer morphine through self control.

All in all her surgery went well. She is tired, and resting. She will I am sure be back on here as time permits and write you more. The roller coaster ride is not over yet as we will not know if she is cancer free for the next four days. Torture by drip water is what this feels like on the husband's perspective of this situation. I am trusting in our God that she will not have to go through radiation treatment, but if she does at least we will know she is then cancer free as it will destroy the cells.

I want to thank Molly, Karen, and Sharon and everyone else that has kept Cyndi in thoughts and prayers, your a special group of sisters I know Cyndi has come to appreciate so much. So have I as I know she is not alone with this horrible disease.

God bless, and know we are also keeping each of you in our thoughts and prayers too.

Cyndi and Bob

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  1. Oh my gosh...when was the surgery? I thought it was today? Must have been yesterday. BUT YOU ARE DONE!!! I just know it! You will have clean margins this time, I just know it!!!!

    Yes, the expander is the problem but it will get better. I remember writing about not being able to get up from a horizontal position for about a week without dear hubby hoisting me up. It will take some time my dear. I walked one mile a week after surgery and about killed myself but was able to do it. TAKE IT EASY and take all the drugs you need.

    How is the drain business? Not fun, but doable. Did they put any saline in the expander? Mine as empty because my surgeon was really agressive and I was torn up, but some people get ahead start with some additional fluid to start the process earlier. That will make your pain worse though, but it will get easier. We will talk about that later but for now, REST REST REST!

    Thought about you all day today!!!