Sunday, February 8, 2009

Did I Miss The Explanation Class?

I ask this question in regards to being told what to expect with this tissue expander. I heard that there was some discomfort when it was filled. I heard that the chest muscle had to be expanded in order to take an implant later on. I heard that taking some Tylenol or Ibuprofen would help. I had no idea I would wake up from surgery in the type of pain I did. I can remember the nurse telling me to take a breath and relax while every muscle in my chest and back seemed to be causing me pain or be in a spasm at that moment. I had no idea I would hurt the way I do five days after surgery. I just don't remember any of my doctors explaining to me how this expander would affect my body.

At this point, I'm very sorry I decided to do reconstruction for a breast. I wish I hadn't been so vain to think I needed to look normal (whatever that is) in appearance. While looking down at my flat chest with steri-stripes over the incision/scar area is not pretty, maybe I would be feeling better and feel like I was healing if this damn expander was not there. And I'm scared. I don't know what to expect next. All I can do is pray that it'll get better. I just want some normalcy back in my life. It just seems like so much to ask . . .

I've done all this because I want to fight this cancer, I want to be cancer free. I won't know this until the pathology comes back from this last surgery. Dr. Nate cautioned me that they could not take all the skin away and with this cancer being to close to the skin, I might still have to go through radiation. If so, then this expander will probably have to come out. If that happens, I don't know that I'll have it put back in.

I know, I had hoped I'd have a better day today and could write something positive and encouraging for anyone reading my posts. Sorry, this is my reality right now. It will be better soon, I have to believe that.

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  1. I am so so sorry. Call your doctor first thing Monday morning. It should NOT be this bad. Ask for a muscle relaxer. I never had one but I have read that they will give them. I really sounds like muscle spasms to me. And those are the absolute worst. I did get them in my back too...but was able to move positions to stop the spasm.

    AGain, this sounds way worse than it should be so there has to be something BETTER out there. Don't give up yet, but definitely call.