Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Better Day Physically. . .

I feel better today, physically. My tissue expander breast is not aching and hard like it had been since surgery. Can't begin to explain what a relief I'm feeling on that level. Tomorrow, I see the plastic surgeon. I maybe lucky enough to have one of the tubes removed, I've not had much liquid in it for the past couple of days. I'm so thankful for the healing.
So what is my problem today? I'm having a panic attack about not hearing anything about my pathology. My mind is running in all directions and I'm afraid of the worst. I just called the office and my report is not in my chart so the office will have Dr. Nate's nurse call me when she becomes available. I'm not sure why I'm shaking and so upset right this moment. Maybe I'm just hitting an emotional wall. I feel a good cry coming on and I will probably be ok afterwards. Thanks for listening.

P.S. It's a little after 3p.m. and Dr. Nate just called. He said that they did get all the cancer out with this last surgery and after I get the drains out to make an appointment with him and we'd go over everything together. Now maybe I can relax with that knowledge. . .


  1. Wow! WAHOO! CLEAN MARGINS ARE THE BEST!!! Is that not the best news!

    I am telling you, waiting is pure HELL. I had and still have my share of those panic attacks. That is the worst part. But you are cancer free and now can think about healing.

    When you do meet with Dr. Nate, ask for a copy of the pathology report. Most doctors will give it to you without asking. But ask him to go over EVERYTHING with you. Mine didn't, and when I got home I saw something about squamous cells and thought I had some other cancer. It was me trying to be a doctor-not knowing that sqaumous cells don't mean cancer! I'm curious if they will give you a Stage, a grade, or if they will mention if you had perineural invasion. I ask this because I was never given a grade of tumor and no one ever mentioned nerve invasion. (I like to think that means I didn't have it)

    But, take this report in stride too. I am the type of person that wants to know everything, because if I don't, I make it up anyway. But maybe you don't want to know? Jsut something to think about.

    I don't mean to blow your mind with too many details but I don't want you making the mistakes I made. I am so pleased for you though--they got all the cancer!!! : )


  2. Cyndi this is your day. God made today for you to be cancer free. I will pray that all still goes well from here on in. I think what you and the other sisters here are doing will soon help many other men and women who have this unknown cancer.

    You have shown such strength, and a compassion for others it is unreal. As your husband you continue to teach me more about you than I ever imagined. Keep the faith sweetie, and I will to.
    SHMILY, sure you do!

  3. I'm so glad to read your news! I checked your blog yesterday to see how you were doing and said a prayer for you. I am so thankful the Lord answers our prayers!! Stay strong and get well soon, Karen:)

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