Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Surgery Completion

On August 21, 2009 I went in for the final surgery to complete the process. YEAH! It seems that each plastic surgeon has their own way in regards to the reconstruction process. This time my surgery involved a reduction (mammaplasty) to my natural breast as well as a nipple for the implant breast.

It's been a month and I'm happy to say that everything is healing well and the doctor says I am doing fine. There was no cancer found in the tissue removed in the reduction. I will not be dealing with breast doctors again until November of this year when I go in for my yearly mammogram. Again YEAH!

It really is amazing what these doctors can reconstruct on a human body. Of course it never takes the place of what I had, it is cancer free and looks pretty normal. I'm doing well and I believe that's the most important thing to focus on at this point.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support over the past several months. I am a very blessed person.


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  2. Okay last comment proves I can't type and spell at the same time lol. Anyway, I am very happy everything is going great!!!

  3. Wahoo! So good to hear from you. Does your nipple look like a little piece of gum stuck to you boob? Strangely, mine has sunk into the boob so much I can hardly see it. But other than good boob sagging more than fake boob, it all looks just fine for me. Things aren't perfect for sure but I have not one second of regret for the whole process.

    I have a chest scan in a week or so...nervous as heck but knnow its necessary.

    So glad this part is over for you! Keep that amazin attitude!

  4. Sounds like you're pleased which is nice to hear. I'm a three year survivor and have not yet had reconstruction, partially because of all the horror stories I've heard. Nice to read a story that while long and time consuming appears to have been successful.