Sunday, March 1, 2009

Returning to Work Monday

Yes, tomorrow I am suppose to be able to return to work. I've got some catching up to do. I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of things quickly. I was working from home a bit this past week, answering emails and returning phone calls. Now I've got to jump in and start going to meetings, visiting my properties and getting paperwork done.

This past Thursday, I had my last drain removed. I wasn't sure if Dr. PS would do that seeing as I was still putting out 25- 30ccs a day. Wow did that spell R E L I E F when it was pulled. How nice to not have a bulge on my side taking up space or to have to worry about dropping it when taking a shower, changing clothes or putting up with the itching pain when the stitches are pulled. I also received another 50ccs in my expander. I didn't feel discomfort that day, Friday or even Saturday Morning when I got up.

So here it is Sunday and I woke up early this morning with a piercing pain near my breast bone when I moved to get out of bed. (I've been able to lay down and sleep in my own bed for the last week without a problem.) Even as I sit on the couch typing on my lap top, I feel pressure across my right rib cage. When I got into the truck this morning, that movement caused piercing pain. Even opening the slider to let the dog in the backyard hurts. So now I'm wondering and trying to figure out what is causing this discomfort. I guess I will have to call first thing tomorrow morning to let Doc know what's going on.

Well I guess I will return to working on my daughter's Memory Book. Again, thanks for listening.

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